Rachid Benlamri

Semantic Interoperability for Healthcare Big Data

Semantic Interoperability for Healthcare Big Data:
Challenges and Opportunities
Rachid Benlamri
Department of Software Engineering
Lakehead University
Ontario – Canada

The   present   landscape   of   healthcare   is   one   of escalating   costs   coupled   with   an   aging   population   with increasing  complexity  in  concurrent  chronic  medical  illnesses. Care provisioned to these patients relies on data from different sources,  such  as  archives  of  records  with  medical  history, laboratory   test   results,   diagnostic   images,   prescribed medication,   and   data   from   monitoring   equipment   and wearables. This enormous amount of complex medical data is treated by most healthcare organizations in isolation.Therefore,   solving   data   semantic   interoperability   issues  is crucial  towards  integrating  health  data  from  different  sources and  enabling  efficient  big  data  analytics.  Furthermore,  if  one agrees that within medical records lies the very heart of clinical impressions  and  planning,  what  if  a  computer  can  (i)  correctly parse and annotate records from medical history; (ii) build high semantic  structures  out  of  unstructured  medical  records  from various  electronic  sources,  and  (iii)  predict  clinical  contexts, patterns and trends. What actions could then a computer take that  benefit  the  patient,  the  healthcare  team,  and  all  levels  of decision makers? This talk addresses the above challenges by presenting an ontological framework for medical documentation   processing   and   analysis,   whereby   the document  is  no  longer  inert  to  information  technology,  but  a rich source for knowledge acquisition and a road map to drive a   wide   range   of   software   processes   which   range   from collaborative   treatment   planning   to   just-in-time   decision support. In particular, we present a new approach to combining benefits   of   ontology   engineering,   context   processing,   and machine   learning   to   address   semantic   interoperability challenges in healthcare Big data.

Rachid Benlamri is a Professor of Software Engineering at the Faculty  of  Engineering  at  Lakehead  University,  Canada.  He obtained   his   Master   and   PhD   from   the   University   of Manchester  -  UK.  Professor  Benlamri  is  the  head  of  the Semantic   Web   and   Mobile   Computing   Lab   at   Lakehead University.  His  research  interests  are  in  the  area  of  Semantic Web,  Context-Aware  Computing,  Ubiquitous  Computing  and Mobile  Knowledge  Management.  His  research  is  funded  by many   institutions,   such   as   the   Natural   Sciences   and Engineering  Research  Council  of  Canada,  Ontario  Center  of Excellence, Academic  Health  Science  Centers  of  Ontario,  and the Ontario Partnership for Innovations and Commercialization.
He  supervised  over  70  students  and  postdoctoral  fellows.  He served   as   keynote   speaker,   and   general   chair   for   many international  conferences.  Professor  Benlamri  is  a  member  of the editorial board for many international journals, such as the International   Journal   of   Mobile   Communications,   the International   Journal   of   Emerging   Technologies   in   Web Intelligence,  and  the  International  Journal  of  Business  Data Communications and Networking. He has authored/coauthored six  books  and  over  100  papers  in  refereed  journals  and conference proceedings.