H. Nasser

Workshop 4: Internet of Things: Connect your devices to the internet


Assistant professor in the school of engineering at the Lebanese International University. He is affiliated to the biomedical engineering and the computer and communication departments. He is also the founder of Xplor Technologies Lebanon.

In 2014, Mr Nasser completed his PhD at INRIA Sophia Antipolis where he developed distributed algorithm to analyze large scale neural networks activity. Since 3 years, he has been tackling the IoT domain with its applications in the healthcare.


Abstract: this workshop will be mainly concerned about protocols used to connect any device to the internet. A kit will be provided to participants in order to practice the network programming of the device. For the back end, we will use ready to use solution (such as Blynk). We will simulate sensors using potentiometers and actuators using Leds.

Participants are required to have their laptops (Atom IDE installed) as well as their smartphone.


The kit contains: breadboard, ESP8266, Leds, Potentiometers, jumper wires and USB cable.