Walid Hasan

Workshop 3: Research Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation in Scientific Research: Data Analytics and Strategies 


Full Professor in Biomedical Engineering with more than 15 years of experience in R&D, Research leadership, Innovation and Strategies in Academia, Governments and Corporate . At Thomson Reuters as Research Consultancy Services Manager, working with governments, universities and research centres in the perspective of boosting research and innovation in the region. Being an active researcher on tomographic reconstruction for emission and transmission data, medical instrumentation and biomedical signal processing, Full-band EEG signal analysis, published many scientific papers in journals of high reputation. A notable experience in Public health and healthcare quality control and management as well as Research and Education Management.



This workshop comes in the cadre of the strategy adopted by Clarivate Analytics aiming to share best practices in scientific research thus promoting quality in research. Throughout this workshop we will be trying to answer the following questions:

1-     How to define your research subject area: ideas, hot subjects, literature.

2-     What to Read and What to Cite?

3-     Research Methodology: A hint on good practices in experimentation.

4-     What, Where and Why to Publish.

5-     When not to publish? When one should think of filing a patent? 6- University: Why an IP portfolio.